Buy & sell

As a buyer, you can bid by clicking on a lot during the term of the auction and then submitting your bid. To know which person has the highest bid you must be logged into our auction site. You only need to create a user account once. When placing a bid, other buyers will not see your name. So you are completely anonymous compared to the other buyers.

If the auction has ended and you have won the lot, you will receive an invitation to pay. (See 'How do you pay a won lot?')

The purchase commission is 9%. No commission will be charged on the shipping costs you have to pay.
In accordance with the auction conditions, the buyer must pay within two working days. To work in a safe way, the buyer pays the won lot first to Oldcam. When the payment is received, we send a message to the seller that the lot has been paid and the lot can be sent or collected. After the payment the seller must send the lot to the buyer within 3 working days or make an appointment for collection.

If something goes wrong with the delivery or collection, the buyer will inform us within 10 days so we can block the money and investigate what goes wrong. If everything went smoothly we will proceed to the payment to the seller after 10 days.
The shipping cost is always mentioned in the lot description. You will find the cost for shipping within Belgium, to neighboring countries (France, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Luxembourg), countries of the European Union and the rest of the world. After paying the lot, the correct shipping cost will be send by e-mail. No commission costs are charged on the shipping cost.

If the seller offers the opportunity to pick up the lot, you can choose this no shipping costs will be charged. If there are no problems with the pick-up, the seller will find the payment of his lot on his account after 10 days.
The seller provides a lot in which he gives the lot a title and description. The seller also provides at least 3 photos in which the external condition of the lot is clearly visible. With an estimated lot value of 150 EUR, the seller can choose to place a minimum price on the item. If the minimum price is not achieved after the auction has ended, the item is not sold and no costs are charged. If the auctioneer has the opinion that the minimum price of the lot is not correct, the item will not be placed in the auction immediately, but the seller will be asked to offer the object without a minimum price or another minimum price.

If the lot has been approved by the auctioneer you will receive a message when your lot will be listed in the auction with a link to follow your item. If the item is sold, the buyer will recieve an invitation to pay. (See 'HOW DO YOU PAY A WON LOT?')

The sales commission is 11.5% on the sold lot. No commission will be charged on the shipping costs.
After winning a item on our auction you will receive a payment invitation by e-mail. You will find a Paypal link were you can directly pay the invoice with Paypal. Paypal supports creditcards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express or debitcards. You can also pay with Discover, Maestro or BANK. We take Paypal costs for our account.

If you want to transfer the money from your bankaccount without Paypal but with online banking, you will also found our IBAN and BIC in the payment invitation. Please note that this transaction is only visible on our account after a few working days.
When you place a bid on a lot, you can select the option autobod at the bottom of the entered amount. This can be useful, for example, when you can not follow the auction end live. This way you can automatically bid to a maximum amount that you have set. The system will automatically overbid new bids from other users until your maximum bid is reached. Please note: if you already applied an autobid on a lot and set up a new autobid, a previously placed automatic bid on this lot is automatically executed as a new bid.